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ASM allows you to apply cutting edge science to your farming soil.

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Maximizing Crop Yield

Agronomy plays a crucial role in optimizing crop yield by implementing effective soil management practices.

Soil Fertility Management

Agricultural soil management focuses on maintaining and improving soil fertility, which is essential for sustainable farming.

Precision Agriculture Techniques

Advancements in technology have revolutionized agronomy, enabling precision agriculture techniques.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Agronomy emphasizes soil conservation practices to prevent erosion, which can result in significant loss of topsoil and essential nutrients.

Crop Rotation Benefits

Agronomists advocate for sustainable crop rotation practices to mitigate pest and disease pressure, enhance soil health, and improve long-term agricultural sustainability.

Effective Pest and Disease Management

Agronomy promotes integrated pest management (IPM) strategies that minimize the use of synthetic pesticides and prioritize biological control methods.


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ASM wants to bring the power of agronomists to farmers everywhere.

What is ASM?

Non biased agronomy for you!

ASM exists to report accurate results and findings, our agronomists are not driven by selling a product to influence our customers. This means a non biased approach to agronomy.




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ASM brings the best of agronomy and old fashioned grit to your soil.

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