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New faces

  Welcome to the revamped ASM website! This is the first blog on the newly redesigned website, and we are thrilled with the work our designer Phil Stewart of Stewart Media has done for us! The website is not the only new face of ASM, recently ASM was purchased by Alec and Brett Bean. Under Don VanEngelenburg’s leadership ASM experienced steady growth for the 30 years the company has been in business. We are pleased to report that Don will remain as a consultant to ASM for the foreseeable future.

   A note from Alec:
It is exciting to be the new leader of ASM and I am looking forward to meeting customers and helping them optimize their operations. I feel it is necessary to introduce myself, as many do not know me. In the past I had the tremendous opportunity to work for Don VanEngelenburg as a crop scout. It was through crop scouting that I gained a real passion for Agronomy, especially weeds. This passion for agronomy led me to Illinois State University where I learned from some of the best Agronomy professors I have met. I graduated in December of 2016 and began work at ASM immediately. The opportunity to purchase ASM came at a great time and I cannot be happier with the outcome. 
   ASM’s goal is to be the independent source for customers in regards to Agronomic Consulting, Soil Management and Integrated Pest Management. Since the beginning, ASM has been the premier provider of unbiased Agronomic Services. Because of this, ASM has gained a high level of respect across the Midwest among farmers, farm managers and commercial customers. We will continue that legacy by becoming more efficient, adopting new technology and employing the best people available. We sincerely want to be the soil company in Illinois.

I am looking forward to the future of serving our customer’s agronomic needs, and of course being the new face at ASM!

Keep your eye on our blogs, as I will make updates frequently. These updates could include information on Soil Sampling, Weather, Crops, Diseases, Insects, Weeds and of course, fun things along the way!

-reap what you sow-


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  1. Don has always been a great resource, glad that he will still be available to you as you take over the reins of ASM. Wishing you as much success as possible in the most rewarding “field” in the world. Not everyone has the opportunity to work with Gods building blocks.

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